AMT is a company that designed to assist, facilitate, coordinate the health care needs for our clients.

The service ranging from medical advices prior to departure, during the trip and most importantly when one suffered from unexpected event, while travelling outside the country – accidents, heart attack, stroke etc.

This service can also offer to the executive of major company, expatriates, regular people who need various forms of medical assistance.

AMT’s Executive involved in medical transportation, coordination since 2005

More 10 years create connection and experience in administrative and operating to special cases

Accomplished more than 300 cases


Medical advice is an assistance provided only by company’s medical person in giving an opinion regarding what individual should to should not do to restore or preserve health. Typically, medical advice involves giving a guideline or instruction, diagnosis and/or prescribing a treatment for medical condition.
Medical Transportation

Medical Transport is a complex process of arrangements including medical and non-medical actions. A medical evacuation, shortened as “medevac”, is a process of transfer a patient from
(1) incident site 
(2) hospital  to hospital considered as a better medical facility adequate for treatment of patient’s illness.

However, as part of patient’s safety the company only performs hospital-to-hospital or hospital-airport evacuation(depending on agreement). Parties involving in designing of mode of transfer can be treating doctor, company doctor, and (in some case) escort team.
However, final decision on appropriate mode of transfer is usually made by company doctor who may seek advice from escort team.

Appointment arrangement

Appointment arrangement defined as an arrangement for the customer to see the physician of their preference. Appointment arrangement may or may not be a subsequent activity following hospital/specialist center referral service. User/member may access to this service with following possible scenario;

Scenario A:

With a predetermined requisition of specified facility and treating doctor together with a desirable schedule.

Scenario B:

Following recommendation by AMT’s medical person as part of hospital/specialist center referral service

Healthcare and Welfare Management

Healthcare and Welfare Management is exclusively designed service for corporate client with an aim to assist corporate to optimize company’s healthcare benefit provided to all employee level according to benefit scheme.

The service basically involves in reviewing utilization of healthcare expenses incurred by employees, providing advice on employee’s medical treatment plans; in-patient and out-patient. Cost containment is also an area that corporate should have a focus for maximization of payment of healthcare cost. The company plays important roles to control cost of medical expense and to ensure that healthcare benefit is exploited according to appropriate scheme.

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